Eldur is originally from the Schmatlztopf herd in California. He has proven to be one of the gentlest and accepting horses in our trail line up.  His laid-back personality makes riders comfortable on the trail, allowing them to sit back and enjoy the scenery. Eldur’s adorable looks and sweet personality have made him a farm favorite. He is always up for a cuddle.


Sæta is one of our spunkier horses and loves to run. Alongside being a trail mount she competes in gaming and has made it all the way to the Pennsylvania State 4-H horse show. Her on-the-go attitude definitely keeps her rider on their toes, but makes for an enjoyable experience for a confident rider looking to cover the miles


Stigandi is a blue dun Icelandic gelding who is perfect for riders of every skill level. He’s extremely patient and forgiving. He has taught many riders over the years to become centered riders and to be  comfortable with the Icelandic tölt.  He has a been there done that attitude and is always ready to hit the trails.