Annie is our kind and elderly Morgan mare.  You name it, she’s done it in her life. From trail riding to competition she has always been a power house. Annie is currently semi-retired and  being lightly used as a trail horse and some arena work. She hasn’t lost her Morgan spunk and willingness to give it her all. She needs to be reminded at times she isn’t as young as she once was but shes still as beautiful as she ever was.


Broccoli is an appaloosa pony who doesn’t realize he’s smaller than any of the rest of the horses. He has competed in 4-H to the State level for barrel racing and enjoys going on trail rides around the property with the rest of the horses. He is more than willing to try new things but in true appaloosa spirit he makes certain to let you know his thoughts first.


Gypsy is a palomino Quarter horse mare who’s job on the farm is to handle our working horse need. She helps out as a guide’s mount, herds cattle, ponies young horses and currently competes in gaming events. Gypsy is a true representation of the working Quarter Horse with a great work ethic and the ability to learn and perform difficult tasks.


Sugar is our resident miniature mare who likes to rule the world. She is trained to harness and occasionally participates in showmanship, mini in-hand jumping but mostly she just loves to be groomed.  She is very loving and gentle with people and soaks up all the attention she can get.