Kristina from Azur – US2011204559 

“Emma” is an 8yr old Icelandic mare looking for a rider to see the world. She has been a part of our trail line up for the 2017 season and currently continues logging hours in the arena and trails. She has a smooth medium tempo tolt and a comfortable ground covering trot. She will willing cross creeks, puddles, logs, etc. She has encountered other horses, deer, birds, dogs and bicycles while on the trail with no problem. She will ride out alone or in a group and likes to cover miles. 

Asking Price $8,000 (SOLD)


Thyrmur from Deep Creek – US

Thyrmur is a seven year old fun loving gelding who tries his best to be a gentleman. He is happiest when he has a job to do and works hard at any job given to him. He is currently used as guide mount on our trail rides while he continues his training. He has competed in Intro level dressage and done very well. He has well-defined walk, trot and canter and is continuing his training to gain speed and tempo at the tolt. Thyrumr has been used in demonstrations at the Pennsylvania Horse World Expo, Lebanon County Holiday Parade and local gymkhana events. He is well behaved for the vet, farrier and dentist.  He has been trailered in ramp, step up and side load trailers. He comfortable being bathed, clipped and vacuumed. He would make a very nice mount for a pony club, 4-H, or endurance rider. Due to his age and temperament he is a horse who needs to be ridden regularly to be happiest and perform his best.

Asking price $8,000 (SOLD)