At Star Gait Training our focus it to create the best partnership possible for both horse and rider. We specialize in training well rounded, safe trail mounts for both gaited and non-gaited riders. We have successfully helped horses and owners overcome difficulties with trailering, unexpected obstacles on the trail, discomfort with hacking out alone and numerous other behavioral issues. A large part of the training process includes teaching the horses correct balance and form using classic dressage principles. This helps horses learn to properly carry themselves and their riders with confidence. For more information about Jo Ann’s training style visit Our staff page.

We do ask you to be upfront with any and all issues you are experiencing with your horse. This is to ensure we are able to put our best foot forward in tailoring a training plan for you and your horse.

Training board : $1,200 monththis includes board and 3-5 training sessions a week. Length of each session varies depending on each horses individual needs.